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Slussbruden II

Slussbruden II was built in 1967 in Sanna, Finland, by order of Runar Söderlund and was then christened Windrose. The first permit was made out on June 27, 1967.

She first operated in the Helsinki archipelago, but was purchased in 1970 by Bengt Henriksson and based in Åland. She was used on various routes, usually for booked trips. During one trip in September 1972 a passenger named Evald Wallin asked if the vessel was for sale. He made a down payment on October 1, 1972, and Henriksson delivered the vessel to Gävle that autumn.

Windrose was transported by railway from Gävle to Siljan and given the name Lisskulla IV. In 1989 she was bought by Rederi AB Runn for Lake Runn and named Slussbruden II. Since 2008 she has been owned by Slussbruden Rederi AB.
Slussbruden II currently is certified for transportation of 57 passengers, but can accommodate 36 seated at tables. The boat is made of Honduras mahogany. There are two tables fore, each with seating for four. There are six tables, each seating four, plus two tables farthest back, each seating two.

She is 13.97 m long and 3.66 m wide, and her draught is 1.40 m.