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Slussbruden (Bride of the Locks)
Slussbruden was built in 1964 in Germany by order of Tyska Bundesbahn to be put into archipelago service. After several years in Germany, she was purchased by a Dutch shipping company and operated there for a few years before she came to Sweden, where Simrishamn became her home port and she was named Vitaskär.

In 2001 Rederi AB Runn purchased Vitaskär and renamed her Slussbruden (Bride of the Locks). Since 2008 she has been owned by Slussbruden Rederi AB. Slussbruden is the largest boat operating in Runn.

Slussbruden has a draught of 1.20 m so it is perfect for operation in Runn, which is a rather shallow lake.
Length from stem to stern is 20.94 m and the breadth is 5.21 m. Slussbruden can take 95 passengers and there is seating for 72 people.

Slussbruden has ten fixed tables, each with seating for six. Two freestanding tables can be removed – for example, to make room for musicians or at the bar.
This is how a charter works
We offer various arrangements with respect to decoration. For example, tables covered with white tablecloths, flowers that match the bridal bouquet or festooning of the boat with garlands.
This is determined when the order is placed.